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Endorsed by the Royal College
of Paediatrics and Child Health

Endorsed by the College of Emergency Medicine

Clinician's Guide to Recognition and Early Management of
Meningococcal Disease in Children

An interactive e-learning tool for doctors in training

by Dr Nelly Ninis, St Mary’s Hospital, London; Dr Simon Nadel, St Mary’s Hospital, London;
Linda Glennie, Meningitis Research Foundation

This e-learning tool for clinicians arose from the national study, Healthcare delivery and the outcome of meningococcal disease in children, which was conducted through the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Imperial College London, and funded by Meningitis Research Foundation. The principal investigator was Professor Michael Levin at Imperial College London.

This is an educational tool, not an evidence-based guideline.  It provides an opportunity to learn from real cases from the research study, using individual case histories as a basis for discussion and learning. The cases are presented in interactive question and answer format, linked to text, photos and audio. 

The clinical management points are based on the good practice guide 'Early Management of Meningococcal Disease in Children', developed at the Department of Paediatrics, St Mary’s Hospital, London and produced by Meningitis Research Foundation.

A version of this e-learning tool on CD is available from Meningitis Research Foundation. Together with this internet version, a version for personal digital assistant (PDA) can be downloaded from Meningitis Research Foundation’s website Much of this material is also available as an A5 booklet ‘Lessons from research for doctors in training: recognition and early management of meningococcal disease in children and young people’.

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