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Special thanks to Dr Lee Hudson, who supplied some of the case histories, and Dr Fran Ackland, Linda Haines, Kim Brown, and Prof Neil McIntosh, who played an important role in shaping this e-learning resource.

We would also like to thank the following people whose comments and input on previous drafts were invaluable: Dr John Alexander, Dr Peter Beales, Dr Julia Clark, Prof Tim Coats, Dr Sam Crowe, Dr Haitham El Bashir, Dr Helen Grindulis, Dr Sue Hobbins, Prof Robert Heyderman, Dr Warren Hyer, Dr Fiona Jewkes, Dr Paul Leonard, Dr Roderick MacFaul, Dr Ian Maconochie, Dr Cliff Mann, Dr Nick Mann, Dr Bruce Martin, Dr Nazima Pathan, Dr Mark Peters, Dr Andrew Pollard, Dr Andrew Riordan, Dr Richard Roberts, Dr Michael Ryalls, Dr Andrew Simpson, Dr Bob Taylor, Dr Matthew Thompson , Dr Alistair Thomson, Dr Andy Winrow, Dr Edward Wozniak.

We are particularly grateful to Dr Sue Hobbins, Dr Andrew Newton, Dr Andrew Pollard, and Dr Michael Ryalls for piloting this resource as a learning tool, and the trainee doctors in their tutorial groups who tested it.

Meningitis Research Foundation was able to fund the research this resource is based on with the help of a grant from the Community Fund.

This e-learning resource is part of the Spotting the Sick Child initiative. We would like to thank Dr Ffion Davies for access to film material.

Film clips from Meningitis - Search for a Cure, a Windfall Films Production for Channel Four, are reproduced courtesy of Channel Four Television.

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